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Hier ein Bembel Hessisch - Englisch Übersetzungs- Guide:

Ei gude wie!?

Hello! How are you?


What's going on?

Kumm Hoiner, steck derr a ao o?

Do you wan't to smoke, Henrik?

Wos hattan da de Pappa da?

What helds the father in his hand?

Kummschd uff Pingschd uff Pungschd?

Do you come on whitsun to Pfungstadt?

Alla, isch mach weirer!

Good bye!

sch glaab s'geiht lous!

Are you nuts?

Aa horsch e mol!

Listen to this!


Bread without meat

Du ahle babbsagg!

You suck!

Heinz Schenk

David Bowie


Stupid person!


Excuse me Sir, could you please be so kind as to repeat your statement. I couldn't hear you well.



Mer waases ned.

I don't know.

Hitze hude se sad se hädse kuiling mandse misdse hu.

She feels hot, she must cool down.

Deeft ich emohl eier Metzelsopp vesuche?

May I taste your battlesoup?

Morsche! - Aach Morsche!

Good morning to you! - Good morning to you, too!

Des is abber babbisch!

This is a little sticky!

Die hat doch en Dubbe!

She is nuts!

Mer laaft die Brieh de Stern ennunn.

Sweat is running down my face.

Heit brennt de Planeeet widder.

It's really hot today.

Och gae Hahm!

Be off with you, you foolish person!