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                    In matter of time I collected some Screensaver from Scotch Whisky. most of them aren't available any more. To download just klick on the Smilie Symbol.

Screensaver Scots Whisky
Brand: Size: Filetype: File:
Ardbeg 0,32Mb zip
Ballantines(neu) 1,25Mb zip
Ballantines(neu) 1,27Mb zip
Ballantines 1,55Mb zip
Black Bottle 0,43Mb zip
Chivas Regal 1,21Mb zip
Dewars 1,07Mb zip
Dewars 1,00Mb zip
Famous Grouse 0,88Mb zip
Famous Grouse 0,97Mb zip
Famous Grouse 1,08Mb zip
Glen Goyne 1,14Mb zip
Glenfiddich (neu) 1,11Mb exe
Glenfiddich 0,68Mb zip
Glenmorangie 1,15Mb zip
Laphroaig 0,86Mb zip
Laphroaig 0,89Mb zip
Laphroaig 2003 1,38 Mb zip
Macallan 1,27Mb zip
Macallan 0,81Mb zip


Screensaver Likour
Brand: Size: Filetype: File:
Drambuie Cream 0,32Mb zip


Screensaver Irish Whiskey
Brand: Size: Filetype: File:
Tullamore Dew 1,53Mb zip


Screensaver American Whiskey
Brand: Size: Filetype: File:
Jack Daniels 1.04Mb zip